Vuković Intelligent Systems

H​ow does VISERA work?

VISERA, after fetching the documentation, extracts needed data, such as order date, due date, invoice date, tax rate, tax amount, total due and etc.  After extraction, it saves data into the variables. Those variables are automatically passed and entered into the accounting software. 

Why choose VISERA?

We reimagine business process management with an innovative business process service stack, built using thousands of hours of learning and testing, and shaped to perfection in varied and complex client environments.   

The main purpose of VISERA is to automate the majority of manual document entry that is recorded in the accounting system of an individual company. This would make significant savings both financially and in time, and in most cases business process automation results in greater reliability compared to manual entries.

We follow a platform and technology agnostic approach to automation that focuses on data extraction from the company's invoices, sales orders, bank statements and other financial records and documentation, received either via e-mail, or by scanning the receipt.

Solution VISERA extracts the data needed for posting entries and implementing them into the accounting software. It's highly configurable and can be adapted to both specific client's documents and accounting software.

Our solution VISERA has been implemented using UiPath platform, leading third-party platform in RPA services. To find out more about technical compatibility with other platforms, please get in contact with our sales team.