Vuković Intelligent Systems

Automated Financial Statement Development

Do you need to develop a new set of financial statements or custom accounting reports?
Do you want to calculate the profitability of your products and services by distributing expenses to each product and service?

Such tasks used to be tedious work, requiring man-weeks of developer engagement.
Even worse, in some cases business users generate financial reports in Excel, aggregating line after line from account balances.
And for each new reporting period they do the same work again – month after month, quarter after quarter...

  • Our software automates programming of financial statements. User can load structure of report defined in simple excel format, with report positions, groups of accounts for each position and other instructions needed to get accounting data. 
  • The software will report errors in report definition using language understandable to humans. When all errors are corrected, the structure of report gets loaded into the system. Usually the real work only starts when report definition is done, because at first the numbers are rarely correct. 
  • That's why our software has number of advanced accounting rules built in. These rules will tell user which accounts need to be added to or removed from report definition in order to get the right numbers
  • Finally, user needs to be able to see report in xls, regulatory xml or some other format.
    That's why our software automatically generates query to the accounting database and develops final reports in standard formats.
  • After that, it is up to user only to enter the reporting period and call the report.
    Even if regulator or management changes report definition, the process of creating new reports is equally simple.
    No software developer needed, only you and some good will.